Sunday, December 26, 2010

LeAnn Dakake + New Horizons = Holiday Misery

My family had gone through all of the steps laid out by LeAnn Dakake and New Horizons to host a Russian orphan for the Holidays.

But, at the last minute, bad news! In an email, LeAnn Dakake wrote and said a Russian official visited New Horizons' office in Saint Petersburg and there was a conflict.

But, the story kept changing, finally they said the Governor of Russia, Medevedev had decided it was dangerous for the children.

I do know children came from other hosting programs. So, I cannot really believe what Mrs. Dakake is saying. Why some and NOT ALL?

Our holidays are ruined. And, New Horizons has fine print about refunds. We don't get any. Even the airline money, that we already charged to our credit card, is gone. Maybe it is not really fraud but it just does not taste right.

It would be no problem about the money if some good came from it. But, it seems it all goes to the Dakake family and airlines.

On Google, it is clear that Dakake has an interest in the travel business so you just do have to wonder.

Also, it seems that the Russian government doesn't like her method of making up picture pages of the children on that New Horizons website so maybe that is at the bottom of it.

I do not like this. If the money does not come back with a clear explanation of WHAT WENT WRONG, I will go down to the Russian's Embassy and file a complaint with Governor Medvedev.

He needs to look at this. Maybe he needs to throw LeAnn Dakake and New Horizons out and let someone responsible try to do it right.

Happy 2011.

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